Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sometimes.... You Just Need An Expert

   Some brilliant man decided that the perfect place to have the cable was on the only long wall in the living room. The same man decided that the perfect place to locate the cable jack was 6ft up on the wall. He thoughtfully added a pvc pipe and and electrical outlet so I could hang the tv on the wall. Sigh.

   So I said, "Can we move the cable to the other wall?" To which husband replies, "Sure, no problem." Months go by, no moving happens. I keep asking.... maybe I should call someone, you know, an expert. No, we can do this... Finally.... after 11 months - the moving commences!

   It looks like this:
   The trough happened because getting the cable through the wall is much harder then you'd think. I don't know why the box had to be cut larger.

   Then it looked like this:
   Draw the future location of the 'stuff' on the wall, cut a hole, put in the frame thingy and some wire. End.

   Then this happened:
   Oh, well ---- hmmm, now what?

Call the damn guy! I did - he's great, going to fix the entire situation for under $300. Sometimes you have to know your limits - apparently our limit is electrical work!

   And while I'm here I'll share another good tip - Angie's List is a great place to find exactly what you need. Great reviews, easy to use & its cheap!

Later, there will be finished pictures of the cable in the right place!

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