Monday, August 18, 2014


     A while ago (months, actually) Charlene brought me two fat quarters of really fun Betty Boop fabric. Classic red, black and white - nice. She said she thought of me when she saw it and knew I would find something fun to make out of it.

     Well about a month ago, I was smurfing the internet and found these amazing purse clasps. These are for change purses but they have a little notch on them so you could make a necklace, change purse, lanyard thingy out of them. So I ordered a set....

     As it turns out, one of them was just the perfect colors to go with the fabric that Charlene gave me! Back to the internet....... found a pattern that I managed to copy online..... in about an hour, Bang! I got this made....

     What!? Is that fun? --

Don't be surprised if you all find one of these little cuties in your stocking this year !