Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Derby Hat Break

   My sister owns a condo in Soloman's, Maryland. A lovely place to go relax, nice home, great neighbors, a boat.... the works. They have a lot of free time on their hands so they have a lot of ... events.One of the events they have every year is in May - the official Opening of the Pier (or somesuch title). All the neighbors form teams, there are costumes, great food, too much to drink and a pretty serious competition for which pier has the best overall theme.

   This year my sisters group has decided on a Kentucky Derby theme - so, of course she needs an awesome Audrey-Hepburn-My-Fair-Lady-type-derby-hat. I love this idea, its one of my all time favorite movies so of course I offer to make the hat.

   No, I don't know how to make a hat.

   No, I've never attempted anything like this, although I did make a large cheese head for one of my kids.

   Yea, sure -- I got this.

Step 1 - Gather supplies...
 A big (no, really big!) hat
Hot Glue
Stuff that sparkles is especially nice.

Step 2 - Add the hat band, ribbon and feathers - it's all background. Feathers are essential - fluffy  movement is elegant and adds to the general awesomeness of the hat. (Note the sparkly ribbon)
Step 3 - Add the flowers - if they're really big, wire is a great way to secure them. If they're not too heavy the hot glue works. Go for flowers with a ruffly, romantic feel - it suits the event.
Step 4 - Check the back and sides, add some ribbon and a few touches to the back - you have to look good coming and going. Try the hat on to make sure its not too heavy on one side - you can't be listing to one side all evening - people will think you're drunk.
Final Step --
Find a dress that you can rock with the awesome hat - a parasol is a handy item as well - if it rains you have to protect the hat. If it doesn't rain, you can serve chips in the parasol.

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