Saturday, November 9, 2013

Master Bedroom Library - the CHAIR

The Perfect Chair

Let me introduce you to the inspiration chair - I found this awesome chair and its twin on the side of the road, not far from my house. The color is amazing - tomato red. The shape is inviting - it literally hugs you. It's in fabulous shape - sturdy as hell. More amazement - there were TWO of them. And, really - Naugahyde? I know - the world is jealous of this incredible chair find. 

So this pair of chairs are the inspiration for my library, a space off the master bedroom that I painted a lovely blue that is the exact color from the bedroom curtains. Then came The Dilemma! There is a huge (72") window in the library that needs curtains. My original plan was to use the same fabric I had used in the bedroom - it's one large space, the library is sort of an alcove.
So, off I go to my favorite fabric store... GASP!!... they've sold out of my fabric!! No, they will not be ordering more - its discontinued! *sigh*
 I needed to find a great fabric to make the curtains. Something to compliment the Perfect Chair and the fabric I had already used for the bedroom.

A reminder of the bedroom fabric

Here's what I found...
I love the fabric. I'm a little nervous because I've never used two different fabrics in the same space - the color is great, I love the pattern - now I just have to decide about style and find time to get them put together. Maybe it'll snow and I'll be trapped at home....

Creating Creative Space!

Basement... ugly word.
When we moved into this house the basement was unfinished. We weren't completely sure what we were going to do with the space, so I've been pondering, thinking, planning... ! Eureka! It's going to be space for the computer on one end and my Create Space on the other. I'll finally have a place to do my sewing, painting, beading and whatever else I get into. No one else will have to see it - I won't have to start a project that I can't finish, pack it up and clean everything and set it up again when I can find a few free minutes to work on it again. Such a wonderful thought!

So - we hired an awesome local handyman who came and ran all the electrical and framed it in. Then we hung the drywall, my brother came and fixed my mistakes (thanks Joe!! Love YOU). Flooring is the next part -- waffled between laminate, hardwood, tile and carpet for a couple months. Decided that carpet was the best choice because the floor is cement and cold on the feet. I picked a beautiful Shaw brand carpet in the palest grey. Very short, sculpted wave pattern - unbelievable!

Now back to pondering - where to put everything - how to hide the ugly utility closet in the middle of the room - lights! - curtains? - cutting table? (YES!) - the color - and on and on and on....