Sunday, April 14, 2013

What the Duck??

   I was in a craft store yesterday afternoon on the hunt for foam rubber and I got distracted by an incredible display of colorful tape! What? YES ~ tape! Duck brand duct tape now comes in about a zillion patterns and colors. Brilliant marketing move! I completely forgot why I was in the store and before I knew it I was zooming home with a truly cool 10yd roll of black and white checked tape!

   This was my plan:

   I have this absurd hallway of doors ~
   Really? Who thought this was a good idea? Those lead to the basement, garage, powder room and closet. Even better, they don't all match, the garage door is completely different then the rest of them - you know a man came up with this. Besides the pile of doors, the hallway is dark and has a very closed in feel.


    Some bright yellow paint to liven things up because yellow has this wonderful reflective property and is perfect for a dark, dingy hallway. I'm a huge fan of brightly painted hallways, it's such a nice surprise, and who doesn't want to be led somewhere by a fun color? Then to complete the transformation, Duck tape! I love the playfulness of this and the best part is of course that when I change my mind it's an easy removal!

All this fun for a quart of paint and $4 worth of tape - who knew?

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