Tuesday, April 9, 2013

That White Has GOT to GO!!

    We're fast approaching our first anniversary in this house... time flies, fun... you know. I'm finally desperate enough to have color that I'm pushing past my fear of these tall ceilings and all this open space. I just can't stand it anymore, I have to have color. Just like I need oxygen, I need to be surrounded by color. I worried that I would have to paint everything the same color because you can see every room from everywhere. Then I decided that I would just paint what I loved and if it was frightening I could always paint over it!!
    A trip to the paint store resulted in this:
 A SALE!! on Behr Premium Plus paint in Martha Stewart colors - Plum Wine, Lagoon, Wampum and Mimosa. An absolute steal at $21 a gallon. Martha Stewart paints have this little symbol on the corner so you can flawlessly match colors - gotta love that woman's organizational skills!
   The lighter shade of purple (Wampum) is the color I started with. I painted two walls and knew I was on the right track.

      The blue (Lagoon) was next. It's almost a teal but not quite - it looks great as a frame to my yellow, blue and orange kitchen.
   The green (Mimosa) went on the half wall that separates the living room and dining room and down the hallway of doors. It's a fun color, depending on the light or the paint on the adjoining wall it looks yellow to green. It really brightens up the hallway!

   A day and a half of work and I was able to go from this:
   To THIS!!!

   It makes me smile every time I walk into this room. If you're wondering where the dark purple is, don't worry I'm not done yet, I still have the living room to paint!

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