Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Day Off

     So, life has been crazy this year. Lots of changes and very little free time - which translates to no time for fun house projects *sigh*...

     I realized that if I keep waiting for some free time it'll never happen and I'll never get to do any of the ideas that are percolating around in my tiny brain! Even though I don't have days and days to do anything elaborate I did manage an entire day off and decided that was enough time to perk up my entryway.

We have a very small entry - the house is open concept so as soon as you walk in, you're seeing almost the entire main floor. I decided that a little punch of color and whimsy was in order.

So I taped off a huge rectangle... painted it purple... 

Taped off 12" stripes - cause everyone looks thinner in stripes, right?

Then, painted those stripes a darker shade of purple - oh, yea.... lookin' snazzy!
Now to start the finishing part... let's add a shelf!!

Trim around the edges gives it a little depth and looks more finished.

Not bad for a days work! And it really brightens up the entrance to the humble abode!

Mr. Chuckles looks so much happier now that his view has been improved!

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