Saturday, November 9, 2013

Master Bedroom Library - the CHAIR

The Perfect Chair

Let me introduce you to the inspiration chair - I found this awesome chair and its twin on the side of the road, not far from my house. The color is amazing - tomato red. The shape is inviting - it literally hugs you. It's in fabulous shape - sturdy as hell. More amazement - there were TWO of them. And, really - Naugahyde? I know - the world is jealous of this incredible chair find. 

So this pair of chairs are the inspiration for my library, a space off the master bedroom that I painted a lovely blue that is the exact color from the bedroom curtains. Then came The Dilemma! There is a huge (72") window in the library that needs curtains. My original plan was to use the same fabric I had used in the bedroom - it's one large space, the library is sort of an alcove.
So, off I go to my favorite fabric store... GASP!!... they've sold out of my fabric!! No, they will not be ordering more - its discontinued! *sigh*
 I needed to find a great fabric to make the curtains. Something to compliment the Perfect Chair and the fabric I had already used for the bedroom.

A reminder of the bedroom fabric

Here's what I found...
I love the fabric. I'm a little nervous because I've never used two different fabrics in the same space - the color is great, I love the pattern - now I just have to decide about style and find time to get them put together. Maybe it'll snow and I'll be trapped at home....

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