Monday, March 25, 2013

Laundry Pizzazz

     Laundry - UGH!

     When we were looking at new houses one of the biggest selling points for me was the laundry closets UPstairs!! You know a woman came up with that. In our old house the laundry was in the unfinished basement, dark, damp, spidery, cold - I hated it.

     The new washer and dryer were the first major purchase I made - I got them the day we went to settlement on the new house! There was no way I was going to bring my 30 year old set to my shiny new house!  What I really wanted was the new fabulously colored sets, teal or fire engine red - but my budget didn't quite stretch that far. I was puttering around on the internet looking for some way to make the laundry a place I actually wanted to be. I found some pictures of a set that a woman had painted with big polka dots. Very snazzy - but I know a bit about paint and I knew this was too much trouble for me and I wasn't sure that the paint would hold up.

   Putter, putter - I came across a site...... Wallies - oh, yes! Just what I needed. They sell vinyl and paper images that you can just peel and stick or wallpaper to stuff. Awesome! I opted for the wallpaper, it's easy to put on, easy to take off (I may want a different look at some point!) and... so, so cheap!!
     For under $20 and in about 30 minutes you can have a seriously fun place to wash, dry, fold. Simply get the circles wet with warm water and a sponge, stick 'em to the wall (or whatever strikes your fancy!), wipe to make sure you have no bubbles and good adhesion - bang, you're done! Now every time I open the closet it makes me smile - looks like giant, colorful soap bubbles in there!

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